Getting Started

About SEO Gear

When you first log into SEO Gear you are given a dashboard with all the functions needed to start using the software.

  1. The first option allows members to Upgrade their account if they need more posting power. Only really needed for big sites or SEO experts reselling services.

  2. When in the Affiliate Report area you may insert your PayGear credentials including PayGear username, PayGear secret password, and PayGear secret password salt. These can be found by logging into PayGear and selecting the secret keys link.   Your affiliate link will be generated and you will get detailed reports of your affiliate sales right in the SEO Gear control panel.

  3. In the Edit Account Details area you may update your name, password or email address.

  4. The Manage Campaigns area allows you to add new campaigns, view excising campaigns or edit your existing campaigns. When you add a new campaign detailed directions are given on the campaign page for each possible field.

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